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There’s no denying it; Blackjack is out and out the most popular game you’ll find in any casino and it’s so popular in fact it’s probably a game you even played at home growing up. Well if you’re one of the many millions who enjoy playing this game any chance you get you’ll be very excited to hear about live Blackjack – the game which is taking the online world by storm!

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You don’t have to worry about learning any new rules or anything like that as live Blackjack follows the same rules that classic Blackjack does; it’s just the way that you play it which has changed.

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If you had the chance to get the exact same immersive experience that the Blackjack game down your local casino could give you except while you’re all snuggled up on the sofa would you take it? Well now that’s a real possibility as that’s exactly what you can do with live Blackjack! The way live Blackjack works is there’s a live camera feed into a real life casino which features a Blackjack table and a dealer waiting to play games. Players will then be able to log in to the live casino and play in these games from wherever in the world they are.

The technology and software that makes this possible is state of the art and allows you to hear and see everything that’s going on in the casino and even chat along with the dealer as they play out your games for you! This immersive experience combined with the flexibility of being able to choose where it is you play is what makes live Blackjack such an enticing place for players to play!

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If you’ve been to your local casino a couple of times you’ll probably have noticed they have a handful of Blackjack and Roulette tables, a decent number of slots, and the odd additional game here and there. This isn’t the case with live casinos as they don’t have the same restrictions in space or player pool. This means when you log in to a live casino you can easily have a choice of 10 or 15 Blackjack tables to choose from and then you’ve got every other live casino in town just a few clicks away as well!

The classic game of Blackjack is the game you’ll find offered at most tables but there’s also plenty of deviations of the game too all offering something a little bit different but with the same action packed excitement!

When you select the game of Blackjack that looks best to you a livestream of the dealer and table will appear in front of you. Around the edge of the screen you’ll also see a stack of chips which are the same chips you’ll be using to bet with in this game. Making a bet is the easiest thing you’ll do all day as it only requires two clicks with the first of those being to click the chip you want to bet with and the second being to click the betting box you’d like to place it. Then you can focus on chatting along with the dealer and having some fun while the game is being played. When the action gets around to you all your options will appear on the screen and with one more click on the option you’d like your work is finally done.

Live Blackjack has been made even easier to play as the deck of cards used here have been supersized so regardless of whether you’re playing through your pc, tablet, or mobile phone you’ll be able to see and play the games effortlessly!

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