Well of Wonders

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There are a lot of phone bill slots site games based on the theme of magic and fairytales. But nothing beats the style and format of Well of Wonders. There are no designated reels or paylines in this game, instead of the symbols just randomly appear and float in the air. When three more of a kind symbols appear, you get to win from it. The symbols just come out of a magical well situated below a tree in an enchanted forest. There are fireflies and glowing flowers from the plants around that looks scintillating. The well glows with various multiplier activations that get doubled on each winning combination up to 32x. The betting in this game is between 10 and £100 per spin.

About the developer of Well of Wonders

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This fairytale based magical phone bill slots site game was developed by Thunderkick (NYX). A renowned name in the world of online casinos with a wealth of knowledge and experience in various advanced game technologies. They are popular for several magical based slot games that offer impressive features for the players.

About the game

Win Real Cash Money

There are seven magical symbols in this phone bill slots site in total. Each symbol bears a different and unique shape, colour and design over it. They look more like precious gemstones and some like pebbles. The top paying magical symbol is the red circular one with a ruby stone in the middle. It pays you fifty times on your total bet when seven of a kind appears in the air. You will require landing at least three of a kind to win and that is not a tough deal in this game. There are two special symbols to help you unlock bonuses and they are the white stone and a fairy.

  • Wild Stone: The white stone symbol with a glowing W on it is the wild feature of this phone bill slots site game. It replaces all the symbols of the game and requires just two of them to land in order to clear all seven symbols in the view. Hence, you can win some impressive rewards with the help of this feature.
  • Fairy Magic: During the game, a fairy can appear anytime randomly and stay for a while near the well. During her stay, if the symbols on the screen fail to make a winning combo, the fairy uses her magic wand to highlight few symbols. Those symbols disappear to replace with new ones that will help you win.


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With plenty of magical features and effects, this phone bill slots site game definitely helps you make huge profits with your tiniest investment.