Interesting Way of Killing Germs And Earning Money - Germinator

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About Germinator

Designed by Microgaming, is a bacteria-themed online slot game. It is a fixed odd slot machine game. The minimum amount of coins that are needed to bet per payline of the game is 0.05 coins while the maximum coins required in the game is 2 coins. As for player ratings, the total rating of the game is 95.50%. The total number of paylines of this game is 12. Get to play the Germinator games and other mobile gambling UK

The symbols of this game are all related to the theme of the game which is germs. Every three sets of the same symbol help to multiply the bet of a player by a certain amount. The increase of the stakes depends on the type of symbol that is present on the reels of the game simultaneously. This game can be found on online casino sites like Pound Slots.

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Special Features and Bonuses

As mentioned above, the symbols of the game are all related to the name of the game - Germinator. There are different types of germs present on the reels of the game. There is a special capsule symbol that is incorporated in the game. This symbol helps in removing an entire row of germs on the reel of the game.

The removal of germs is dependent on the player. The player needs to strategically decide on which germ to take out from the reel of the game and which germ to keep on the reel. There are also three more capsules that give players other different types of special features.

Each and every germ symbol of the game carries with it a certain multiplier amount. This multiplier increases the stake rate of the player. Depending on the amount that they multiply, the germs can be divided from the highest multiplier to the lowest of multipliers.

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