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The mobile gambling market has expanded itself to different countries and continents ever since its introduction in the UK. There are a number of online casino games that are available on a variety of online casino sites.

There are two types of online casino sites – one where different types of casino games are available and one where different varieties of the same type of game are available. One such mobile gambling market site is Pound Slots. So get set to spend hours exploring our diverse and completely thrilling casino games.

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Online slot machine games are one of the most popular forms of casino game, as voted by the players. The reasons why slot machine games are so popular in the mobile gambling market is because they are based on a variety of themes and have a number of special features and bonuses incorporated in the game itself. These special features are the ones that keep players motivated and interested in the game itself. The fun just never stops!

fruit shop

About Fruit Shop

Developed by Netent and available on online casino sites like Pound Slots, Fruit Shop is a popular slot machine game in the mobile gambling market. This is a 15 payline slot machine game. The minimum number of coins needed to play this game is 0.01 while the maximum coins needed are 1. The more the coins that are deposited in the game, the more the chances of a player to win big and get greater rewards. The Jackpot awarded to players from this game is a total of 2000 coins. Let us head straight to Pound Slots for some chilling fun!

The theme of the game is a fruit shop which is easily understood from the title of the game. To play this game, first the players need to wager the number of coins that they want to use in order to bet in the game, once the player wagers the bets for the game, then click on the “spin” button in order for the reels of this slot machine game to move randomly. There is an “Autoplay” button that allows players to play the game multiple times without any kind of interruption.

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Special Features of the Game

In the gambling industry, Netent is a well-known name for providing a variety of slot machine games that are all based on different variations and themes. These games are made primarily for drawing customers into the mobile gambling market.

As mentioned above, the symbols belonging to Fruit Shop are primarily fruits itself. There are special symbols also of this game that trigger the free spin and special features of the game. There is also the presence of a scatter symbol. The cherry symbol in this game awards players 133 times the stake that the players originally put into the game, once the cherry symbol appears on the reels of the game.

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Free Spins Feature Of The Game

This cherry symbol is also the trigger for the free spins feature of the game. Another high ranked symbol is the plum symbol which awards players 1000 coins once it appears on the reels of the slot machine game. Fruit shop is quite an old slot machine game present in the mobile gambling market and is readily available on sites like Pound Slots.

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