Float in 3-dimensional space with Flex, mobile casino deposit via fone bill, no deposit bonus required, by the Thunderkick developers and prepare to get bedazzled!

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This 5- reel, 15 payline slot is pretty standard. You do not have the option of lowering the number of winlines and have to pay a total stake per spin rather than a stake per winline. We offer something to all of our customers, which is why they love us!

For winning you need 3 consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line. If you manage to get 5  in a row you get the highest payouts.

The Wild here is the rotating Yellow W which can stand in for any other symbol. This Wild is a stacked one and so can fill the entire reel on some occasions. The Scatter is the rotating White B. Find this 3 or more times and you will trigger the bonus feature.

The Yellow Star is the highest paying symbol which pays 24x the total stake by landing 5 in a row. The Orange Ball gives the next highest payout of 12x the original stake. The remaining symbols of different shapes and colours provide different winning combinations.

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Mobile Casino Deposit Via Fone Bill, has been appropriately named as all the symbols here are in a state of Flux or motion, but it is also a reference to the bonus round where the entire slot is in a state of flux. Extra 3 rows can be added to the 3 already present.

You have 3 choices in a bonus round. One, you win both ways, that is, from left to right and right to left which will unleash quite a few spins. Two, you play the slot with the 3 extra rows which give fewer spins. Three, you play both ways and add 3 extra rows- this will give you the least number of spins.

However, the actual number of spins will depend on how many scatters you land with to activate the bonus feature. If you land a minimum of 3, you get 16, 12 or 8 spins, respectively depending on your chosen option. If you land 4 or 5 scatters then you will get doubled of trebled the number of spins. Register now and avail bonus features.

Mobile Casino Payforit Is In A State Of Flux

Mobile Casino Deposit Via Fone Bill, allows you to experience one of the most dreamlike slots ever. The slot has symbols which look like a series of shining jewels, revolving and twinkling in space, occasionally emitting bright flashes of light which has a dazzling effect. The effect is almost psychedelic and makes for a visual treat.

The fantastic 3D graphics are accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack which adds to the surreal feel of this slot.

While Flux can be enjoyed on your favourite mobile device, it looks its best on the Android Smartphone or iPhones. Tablets and iPhones are also good choices to play this slot on but the slot is not able to take up the whole screen which takes away from the experience a little. Nonetheless, once you start playing these details will be inconsequential. Enjoy this visually riveting slot with all the effects at Pound Slots.

Mobile Casino Deposit Via Fone Bill

Deposit Via Fone Bill

Mobile Casino Deposit Via Fone Bill, can be adjusted to suits your preference. The volume such as the master volume, sound effects volume and ambient sound volume can be easily adjusted. The game speed can also be altered. The AutoPlay feature allows you to set the slot to run at 5 to 5000 spins continuously allowing you to sit back and have a truly unique experience.

One of the original games in the online casino games industry, Mobile Casino Deposit Via Fone Bill, by ThunderKick, stands apart mainly due to its visual appeal and bonus feature. Try this slot out at Pound Sots and treat yourself to a visual feast