Live Black Jack Standard High Roller


Get to Play Live Blackjack Standard High Roller Casino and Experience Intense Fun

Enjoy betting on the casino table right from the corner of your home with the all new Blackjack Standard High Roller. It is one of the popular live dealer online Blackjack games that are available on the gambling circuit. Thanks to the wonderful gameplay, great interface and gaming options and huge prizes, more and more players are trying their luck at this live dealer online Blackjack game.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Even if you are an amateur who does not have much idea about Blackjack, you can play this amazing game to win some great prizes. It is convenient and easy and at the same time quite lucrative to play.

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This live dealer online Blackjack game is developed by Net Entertainment, which is one of the premier gaming companies. So you can rest, assured about the high quality of this game. The game follows the conventional rules of Blackjack, with some minor variants. For example, in this game, you can see the dealer live. Moreover, there is a live chat feature through which you can interact with other players on the table. In case you do not want to chat, there is always an option to turn it off. Other gameplay options are also neatly arranged, which adds to the convenience of the players.

Get An Idea Of How To Play Live Blackjack Standard High Roller

Best Blackjack Payouts

Now let us have an idea of this live dealer online Blackjack game. There are just 7 seats for each player and a player cannot occupy more than one seat at a time. As a player, you have to make a minimum of one bet in 3 rounds. A warning message will flash in case you are not able to do so. If you still don't bet in spite of the warning message, you will be disqualified and taken off the slot table. In most cases, another player will replace you. Each bet table has its own maximum and minimum betting requirements. If your bet is below the minimum requirements, the dealer will reject your bet. In case you exceed the maximum bet amount, the interface will be reset to accommodate the betting amount.

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Other than the great gameplay options, the interface of this live dealer online Blackjack game is of high standards. The background is designed with bright colours, and there is an excellent background audio to complement it. At each level, you get a chance to win big prizes and winning combos.

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