European Roulette


The European Roulette is one of the most popular casino game played across the world. This is a game that comprises of a wheel, a croupier for spinning it and a small sized ball. On the wheel, there are numbers in red, black and green colors.

Roulette with Mobile Billing

This is a game that is purely based on luck. People who have experienced this game in a casino truly understand this thrill. Well, even if you cannot go into a real casino, you can still have fun playing Roulette with Mobile Billing.

Understanding Roulette with Mobile Billing.

This game is also known as the single zero Roulette, the numbering of the wheel ranges from 0 to 36. In comparison to the American roulette, the European Roulette with Mobile Billing is a little different. While the rest of the numbers are colored black and red alternately, the 0 is the single number that has a green color.

Alongside the wheel, there is a small mat that shows various betting options on it. Whenever a person wants to bet on a number; they just have to place the chips on the number they desire. As simple as this game sounds, it is not. When the wheel spins, the dealer/automated system will release a small ball.

This will move in the opposite direction of the wheel. When the spinning stops; the ball lands either on a particular number or combination. The payout depends on the placement of the chips. The same rule is applicable to the Pound slots European Roulette game.

The different ways of placing the bet

While playing Roulette with Mobile Billing there various kinds of tips and strategies you can use for betting. You have the choice of betting

· Based on a particular combination · Choose a particular number · Guess if the ball will land on an even or odd number

While playing the Pound slots European Roulette you have to remember the two main components. The first is called the inside bets (the bets that are based on a particular number) and the second is on the Outside bets (bets that are played outside the layout of the table).

The payout process of playing Roulette with Mobile Billing

The position of your bets determines the kind of payout you will get. For example, if the player bets on a single number, they can get a chance to win 36 coins. Similarly, A split bet will give them a payout ratio of 17:1 and so on. Basically, to understand this Roulette with Mobile Billing, all you have to do is observe what is happening.