Birdz is a new video slot by Game Warehouse (NYX) and powered by OpenBet platform. Birdz No Card Details Slot is available for players to play on desktops as well as mobile devices. It is a fun and exciting game where you can see birds on top of wires. The game has a lot to offer you including cascading reels and great bonus features.

BIRDZ No Card Deatils Slots

The Game Play Of This Birdz No Card Details Slot

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Birdz No Card Details Slot is a totally different video slot with five reels and thirty paylines. Once you achieve a winning combination in this UK Slots, the birds fly off and new flock of birds fly in to fill the empty spaces. To start the game, you need to place your bets which can range from £0.01 to £5. The maximum payout that the game can pay is up to £90,000. This game suits all players with different budgets.

Birdz Blitz Bonus Feature

Though there is no separate bonus round to play, Birdz No Card Details Slot is full of bonus features. Each of the features help players to get more chances of winning in this UK Slots. One of the features is ‘Birdz Blitz’ which gets triggered when you end up with a non-winning spin. Here you keep getting free respins until you land a winning combination.

The Shotgun Bonus Feature Of This Birdz No Card Details Slot

Another bonus feature is ‘Shotgun’ where three birds gets selected and shot with the help of a shotgun so that you can have more chances of landing winning combinations. ‘Zap’ feature helps you to electrocute all the birds from a selected wire so that new birds can fly in, take their place and help you have more chances of landing winning symbols.

The ‘Pecking Order’ feature is one where three of the low-value symbols are selected and replaced by three high-value symbols. In the ‘ScareCrow’ feature all the birds on the wire will fly away while a new flock of birds will come and take their place so that you can have better-winning possibilities. There is also a ‘Cracking Wilds’ feature in which three wild symbols get added to the reels replacing three randomly selected symbols.

To Sum Up

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With great graphics and beautiful animations where you will continuously listen to the sounds of feathers and the chirping of birds, Birdz No card Details Slot wi