Try Your Luck with the List of Cards We Have For You

Scratchcards are one of the simplest casino games which mainly involve scratching the cards and revealing symbols that match. Each symbol holds a different value; you can reveal all the hidden symbols at once or click on the individual symbols and reveal the hidden symbol. Each time you reveal winning combinations, you will be rewarded with wins.

The stakes are low in scratchcards and you have high chances to win big. It first started off as a lottery game and now slowly has established itself in the online platform as a loved casino game. The gameplay gives you chances of an instant win and is simple and highly entertaining. With technological development, this game can now be played even on your mobile devices.

At Pound Slots Casino, we have for you a massive collection of scratchcard games to yield your wins and also let you enjoy the fun of games.  To play the scratch card games at our casino, do as follows:

1)Choose the scratchcard game that you would want to play from the list on our website

2)Fix the amount of bet that you want to put at stake

3) Once you are done with fixing the bet, click on the new card button

4) Now you can reveal each of the cards individually or click the reveal all button and reveal all the cards at once.

Your wins can be multiplied by the whopping amount of up to x10000 at our online casino. Choose the one that suits you the best and start playing this instant win casino game. All you need is 3 matching symbols to claim a win in the game of scratchcards. You will win the prize according to the value of symbol you match.  We also have the featured scratchcard games and the popular ones for our players to play.

Different scratchcards have different attributes that mark the difference but they all have a similar gameplay which is scratching and revealing the hidden symbols. There are high chances to win and that is one of the main reasons for the immense popularity.  Remember to fix your bet before you start revealing the cards. Make sure you brush your skills before playing the games.

We have rewards and bonuses for all that play it well, be one among the many to be rewarded with the games that we have in store. Deposit some money and start playing the different scratchcard games we have for you, also you have chances to win more and that too instantly. The simple gameplay and hefty chances to win are what will keep you hooked. Hurry Now!! Register yourself at Pound Slots Casino and indulge in the thrill and excitement of the best scratchcard games.

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