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If you are on the lookout for a cool live Blackjack online casino bonus game, Live Blackjack 2 is the right place to be. Not only does it offer all the features of an exciting roulette game, but you also get the charm and thrill of enjoying live casino even without visiting a real casino or gambling centre. Add to this you have an extremely good interface and an opportunity to earn lots of prize money. Novices who may not be so conversant with Blackjack games can also try their luck at this one as the gameplay options are very simple and convenient. Don’t wait anymore, just hit register and play on!

The live Blackjack online casino bonus game has been developed by Net Entertainment and is currently available for players in the UK and some other parts of Europe. By playing the live version of Blackjack, you get to challenge opponents just like the way it happens in a real casino. While everything takes place online, the experience that you get is almost similar to real life gambling experience. All the gambling processes, starting from placing the bet to the announcement of the winners are done as per the standards laid down in real gambling. The only difference is that you can play from your comfort zone from a desktop or from a mobile device.

Live Blackjack

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There are quite a lot of features that make this game a touch above than the other live Blackjack online casino bonus games. First things first, each level in the game gives you the scope to bag winning combos. The game consists of 7 seats and is played with 6 card decks. In order to make the live version more exciting, there are some minor variations. In the live version, we don't have the maximum player limit and a house edge of around 0.44%. Based on your preferences as in most live Blackjack online casino bonus games, you can double your betting amount or split it. For this, you need to use the Double and Split buttons respectively.

Live Blackjack

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As a new player, you also enjoy deposit bonuses and promotions. A host of payment options is available for making the deposit. Regular members are also applicable to get loyalty bonuses.

In addition to the excellent gameplay with this live Blackjack online casino bonus game, the interface is also an aspect that makes this live Blackjack game a hit. The awesome design of the interface along with the audio adds to its appeal. The game is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission to prevent any fraudulent activities.

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